Media Solutions

Changing the conversation from volume to value

Quaero’s solutions for media companies provide you with a competitive advantage by harvesting and analyzing all the available data about your viewers, readers or listeners, then creating highly segmented, targeted advertising packages and marketing strategies that deliver more for your ad buyers--more focus, more relevance, more results.

AdVantage Platform

Ads & Audience Data Management and Reporting

AdValue Sales Solutions

Targeted Ad Packages, Advertiser Reporting & Inventory Optimization

ValueBoost Marketing

Analytic & Strategic Services for Digital Marketing

Increase engagement and time spent

  • Encourage multi-screen participation
  • Promote audience retention and monetization

Boost ad revenue and ratings

  • Audience engagement boosts CPMs and opens up more valuable inventory

To do this, you must understand behavior

  • Extensive, deep and relevant insight into individual behavior
  • Interests and motivation – particularly with regard to multi-screen programming and advertising

Quaero AdVantage Platform

We’ve combined our proven experience in data management, technology, analytic expertise, reporting, and data visualization into a single platform. It's one solution that can be scaled up or down to meet your media company's dynamic needs.


Leverage Quaero's industry-leading experience in customer intelligence and analytics to see deeper into your data, and offer your ad buyers a better value

  • Consolidated source of all ad campaign activity across the campaign lifecycle enabling comprehensive operational reporting
  • Ad server independent – you own the data and are not tied to a specific vendor or vendors
  • Provides advanced reporting capabilities – that you can’t get from your ad serving partners
  • Consolidated view of audience activity across channels & platforms